Minecraft server 1-click install doesn't work

Hi there,

Recently I set up a Minecraft server on Linode, and noticed the 1-click installer doesn't work. Here's what I observed:

  • The installer uses Debian 9 instead of 10 (which provides a newer version of Java)
  • The installer adds a webupd8 PPA to get a newer version of Java, and tries to install packages that don't exist, and for Ubuntu - not supported.

I've since manually set it up, but it might be nice if the installer was modified to do this:

  • Use Debian 10 as the base.
  • Use the OpenJDK packages in the repos (Java 11)

Hopefully I'm reporting this in the right place but I'm not sure.

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Hey @turtles42 - thanks for bringing this up. I deployed a test server, and I was able to see the repo errors you mentioned after trying to update my system. I passed along the feedback to our team internally, and we'll take a look at both the distro and packages being used.

If you run into anything else in the meantime, feel free to let us know.

PS: This is a great place to report things like this, but for anything buggy, you can also open a Support ticket at any time. :)


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