Block storage question

Let's say I have a block storage partition of, say, 20Gib… Can I partition that into two drives, say /dev/bs0 and /dev/bs1…or do I have to have two partitions of 10GiB each?

Thanks in advance…

-- sw

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You should be able to accomplish this with your volume. From our BS guide:

[Block Storage Volumes] can be partitioned however you like and can accommodate any filesystem type you choose.

You could use a took like gdisk to complete the task, and instructions for how to do so can be found here - step 2 covers partitioning the volume:

Just as a note, you can also attach multiple volumes to a single Linode. Given the cost is the same for two 10 GiB volumes vs a single 20 GiB volume, it may be worth considering separate volumes instead.


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