Sending mails from a LKE cluster

Hi there!

I'm currently using an LKE Cluster to host a few services (for example GitLab). It would be great if GitLab could send mails to users using the Exchange online servers.

I've seen the docs regarding the blocked mail ports and how to get them unlocked. The problem is that the nodes in an LKE cluster will be replaced from time to time. It would be really annoying to set dns records for my nodes and open a support ticket everytime a node gets replaced.

Are there there any guidelines for LKE clusters?

Thank you in advance!

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My understanding is the block is on an account-level, not a Linode level.

So if you’ve done this once and the block has been lifted, it’s lifted on your account for your existing Linodes and new ones in the future (I think.)

That being said, mailing does require pretty static configuration - I.e. reverse DNS set up correctly.

I’m not familiar with LKE or K8s in general, but I’d guess you’d either set up a standalone Linode (or designate one of your LKE nodes) as the sender, set up reverse DNS for that, and relay all mail through it.

Alternatively use a sending service like Amazon SES, Postmark, etc.

Thank you for that reply! I will try this.


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