FC6 Services Issue


I am having an issue with a FC6 install where it will boot and not turn on services specifically turned on using the run level editor.

Affected Services:

apache web server (httpd)

vs ftp server (vsftpd)

mysql server (mysqld)

Other Information that seems Relevant (ask if there is something missing from this):

the run level it keeps starting to is 3. both 3 and 5 have been edited.

SE is turned off to get this working (plan on putting it back on once everything else is running)

i am unsure of any connection to the run level with the issue.

i am logged in as root to the make changes.

the install is on a new hard drive

the processor is a P3 running @ 900 mHz

(old celeron system)

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chkconfig listing:

~~![](<URL url=)http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v430/m3rajk/max.jpg" />

the mysql is the only one to come up at boot.

the rest hang on manual start~~


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