It's the new linux dist for cPanel.

Any play to add support to install it on Linode?

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If you can't wait for Linode to make it one of their distributions, you can install it with the Install a Custom Distribution on a Linode guide.

I ran through the process with the 8.3 minimal iso this morning and was successful getting all Linode utilities, backups, and restores working. The minimal install will fit in a 2GB disk allocation if you want to keep it small for creating an image for future deployments.

I did take one of the installs through the cpanel setup script which also worked just fine (do the static network config and make sure that's surviving a reboot before you do the cpanel install and it should work fine).

Hi @Tntdruid -

AlmaLinux is one of the alternative distributions we're looking into supporting, along with some others outlined in this Community Questions site post:

The fact that cPanel has adopted day 1 support for this distribution is interesting news, so thanks for including that. I've passed your feedback, and the information you provided along to the team as we continue to review these RHEL like options.

In the meantime, the guide that @millisa provided should help you get set-up using AlmaLinux on a Linode.


Thanks, need to test that out :)

Hey @Tntdruid - Good news! Wanted to let you know Linode now supports AlmaLinux! You can find it in our list of available distributions, and in the Choose a Distribution drop-down in Cloud Manager when you create a Linode.


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