How much cost of Single-node LKE

I have a plan to use LKE and my project is quite smallest and it's software for internal-using in my company.

I have 1 hobby-instance ($7/m) and 1 hobby-postgres ($9/m) in Heroku and it's work totally fine. So I estimate that only 1-2 cluster is good for me to start ($10-20 per month).

My decision for using kube is I want to flexible add more service in future.

now I have React + Django + Postgres now. And, I plan too have rabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Redash, Dagster in future. If I use Heroku, It's gonna cost me too much. So I plan to use Kube for now. It's gonna easier in future for sure.

My question is there is any additional cost about NodeBalancer or Volume on LKE? What's the total cost of using single-node LKE.

Thanks for every suggestion :)

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Each node is simply a standard Linode so pricing follows what is shown for those. The NodeBalancer is $10/mo currently and persistent volume storage is currently $0.10/1GB with a 10GB minimum. It should be noted though that the persistent volumes can only seem to be used by a single pod at a time.


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