How to create small web hosting company and resell Linode?


What exactly I need to do if I want to resell Linode Cloud hosting ?

I have already create website, cPanel, backend for clients and payments, but I am not sure in few things.

Let's say I want to add 3 standard packages for Linode VPS, bronze, silver, gold, then how can I control usage of resources for each of them?

Then how to determine the price for each of the offered packages?

Also still I having dilemma should I create instance for shared hosting. I'm not sure if I should make that choice or not and is it possible to create shared hosting?

I have around 70 clients and I've decide to start with web hosting but I want to create exactly on Linode, and not with any other cloud such as aws, google etc…
I just want to stay and do it everything on Linode.

If there is any help I would be veeeeery grateful !!

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Linode Staff

I'd definitely suggest starting with our guide to reselling services:

How to Resell Linode Services

There are some tips in that guide that can help answer some of your questions with regards to managing multiple Linodes for multiple clients. Controlling resource usage will depend on whether you plan to have one Linode per user, or whether you plan to place multiple users on a single Linode. This StackExchange post details some of the pros and cons for each option, and you'll also want to make sure that your users can't access each others' information if they're using the same Linode.

You can use cPanel and whmcs for that.

Thanks I am using already.

Thanks a lot.
I've read about everything. Just want it to ask is it there any example or some documentation, because I am not going to give the access to users on Linode servers.


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