How do I manage the k8s cluster with the kubernetes terraform provider?

Hi everyone!

I am trying to set up my infrastructure with Terraform, so far, I managed to deploy an LKE cluster.

The next step is setting up the "kubernetes" and "helm" providers in Terraform, but they take in a kubeconfig path while the LKE resource outputs a variable (if I am right).

Things I have tried

So I have been trying things like this without any success.

provider "kubernetes" {
  config_path =

I also tried decoding the file.

I have also tried getting creds to use a different method of setting up the kubernetes by doing stuff like this:…

Has anybody worked with this approach before and how have you passed the creds/config to the Kubernetes provider?

This is how I have set up the cluster:

resource "linode_lke_cluster" "my-cluster" {
    label       = "my-cluster"
    k8s_version = "1.20"
    region      = "eu-central"
    tags        = ["dev"]

    pool {
        type  = "g6-standard-1"
        count = 3

I am new to the whole terraform thing so maybe I have missed something important.

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It looks like your file may be a bit misconfigured. We have a guide that can walk you through deploying an LKE cluster using Terraform, and it includes an example configuration that you can refer to while substituting your needed variables:

Deploy an LKE Cluster using Terraform

This section specifically seems to be what you're looking for!


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