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When i clicked to update my cpanel server software, the update progress took more time then it stopped working. Meaning the whm/cpanel account are unaccessible nor my website and its backend. What could be the problem?


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There are a few potential reasons why your cPanel/WHM and website may be inaccessible. At first glance, it sounds like one of the components of your website isn't running. You'll want to ensure that your web server, database, PHP (if applicable), and cPanel are all up and running. The exact command for this will depend on which distro you're running, but as a starting point, ss -tulpn will show you which ports are open and have listening services on them. If any of the services aren't running, you'll need to manually start them and troubleshoot any errors that prevent the services from starting. You may also want to check your logs for your web server, database, PHP, and cPanel for errors.


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