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For the first time ever I think, I have a ticket open that’s unanswered for 21 hours so far. I’m also noticing other community posts here about verification, new IP, linode down etc - or in other words varied support issues - that are not being answered quickly.

Is something going on there that’s keeping all your support staff busy? I see lots of maintenance tickets about migrating to new hardware (we have 200+ linodes so we get a lot of these!), is that what’s holding you up?

Some feedback would be nice at least to know how long this slow response period may last.

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@hey I'd be happy to provide some context here. I totally understand that our Support team is often very quick at responding tickets. That being said, ticket responses can vary for many reasons and none of them weigh heavier on the wait times than others. This is to say that our hardware upgrades would not be the major factor.

I wish I could give you an ETA on when response times will decrease, but this is something that's difficult to quantify with so many factors involved.

I'd also like to let you know that we do have 24/7 phone support and can be reached using one of the below numbers:

International: +1 (609) 380-7100
North America toll-free: +1 (855) 454-6633
India toll-free: +91 000-800-919-0534

Hope this helps!

I agree. my website is down because of the server issue with cpanel upgrade, and its really slow to get support.

@bizzindexcom use cPanel support for that.


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