Minecraft Server Console Commands Not Working...Linode Bug?

I recently installed a Minecraft server on Linode and while the installation process was rather seamless, I am encountering one issue that I can't resolve.

I am currently trying to make myself 'op' on the server-I edited the ops.txt file and added the UUID, Player Name, and set the level to 4.

"uuid": "UUID",
"name": "name",
"level": 4

However, when I try to run the console commands within the game by pressing '/' followed by the command, I get the following error:

"Unknown or incomplete command, see below for error at position 1:/<--[HERE]"

I have searched for answers on Google, YouTube, Stack Overflow - all to no avail. I am starting to think that this may be a Linode issue. If that's the case, does anyone know of any Linode alternatives that do not have this issue? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @user25 - This can sometimes be caused by having plugins installed alongside Minecraft that prevent the use of console commands. Do you have any plugins installed or is this a base Minecraft install with no other additions? I found reference to this in Mojang's bug tracker but it couldn't be replicated on vanilla Minecraft:


If you're not using any plugins and haven't made any other changes I'd recommend starting over from scratch to make sure everything's configured as expected.


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