How do i setup a static IP/IP's for node out bound traffic

I have a situation where I have to whitelist our Node IP's with certain customers. This means that if we do any adjustments, adding nodes or removing/resizing, i have to notify our customers prior to any changes to ensure their firewalls are updated correctly.

Does anyone have any documentation on how to set something like this up? I have no networking people in my team and this can be a bit tricky. Incoming traffic is controlled via a node balancer so we do not have any issues here. It is just the out bound which comes from the node IP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Typically you would want to look into setting up a reverse proxy - this way you'd have a single server (and therefore single IP) handling traffic and distributing requests to the appropriate server on the backend. No matter what changes take place on the backend, the proxy IP would remain the same.

If you're working with kubernetes, though, you could set up a static egress IP. I don't have any experience in this arena but this resource might prove useful to you:


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