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EDIT: This can be closed, I have started from a clean slate and now it works. I suppose I was doing something wrong I suppose.

Hi guys,

Trying to follow the basic Dokku getting started tutorial as found here. Now everything seems to work fine until I try to deploy the app:

git push dokku main:master

I keep getting asked for a password even though I added my public SSH key as per the first steps. No matter which password I enter, it says I do not have permission.

I suppose the SSH key is the public key of my local machine, right? Not the VPS? Or which ssh should I add where? I am really confused with all this.

Sorry if I am asking basic stupid questions but I am very new at all this.

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Thanks for editing your original post to let folks know you were able to get this fixed.

Based on what you explained above, it looks like you would need to have the SSH key on your Linode to connect to the repository, whether that be GitHub, GitLab, or another git tool like those.


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