Please remove the Disk Eject question on Finnix Rescue Disk

It's troublesome when I use a linode API to put linode into rescue disk, then shutdown linode through API, the API stuck because it waits user input to manually press Enter to eject disk with the following message:

"Please remove the live-medium, close the tray (if any) and press ENTER to continue:"

I have to manually press Enter or wait long time until the system skipped that message automatically. It's better we remove this message is there any benefit having booted with hdd?

I wrote a workaround how to solve this here but I do hope this is included in Finnix rescue since Finnix rescue disk is maintained by linode too.

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@maxibi Thanks for brining this to our attention. I've passed this information along to our distribution team for further review.

It has been 3 months, I don't see any benefits having the eject message in linode rescue disk to ask user to eject disk. VPS do not have physical CDROM by logic. So please remove that annoying message. Finnix recovery should not include this useless feature for VPS.. The link I posted contain a way how to fix this. Currently I can only use custom Finnix recovery created using raw disk in linode with the workaround solution from the posted link above. I think this is more like a bug for VPS.

The shutdown API is useless, when you are in recovery mode (Finnix), and let say you want to boot using other profile, the linode stuck in rebooting because it waits for the eject disk input from user. So user has to enter into LISH terminal and press enter manually so that the API will continue with the other call. This is so annoying from developer side.

For those who need workaround, you can use this method to force shutdown the Finnix Recovery mode but this requires lish ssh key login setup in the account section. You could write a script with the following content:

reboot --poweroff --force
echo ""

and then you can push this script to the terminal like this:

ssh -o "StrictHostKeyChecking no" -i /root/.ssh/linode_lish.id_rsa -tt "" "required_one_of_the_linode_label" /dev/null <" 2>&1 &

You need to setup linode ssh key and use the key to login here. Mine called linode_lish.id_rsa

This will force shutdown linode in recovery mode that will not show any prompts.


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