How do I scroll up/down while in Glish?

I'm trying to check my IP for any vulnerabilities but when the scan is complete I can not scroll up to see all of the info presented from the scan. I cant seem to find the answer anywhere.

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Glish is an access point for your server’s console. I believe scrolling in the typical GUI sense is a function of the window manager which, unless you’re running a desktop variant on your Linode, you won’t be running one.

A couple of ways around this:

  • do you have to be on the console? Can you not run your task within SSH? Most SSH clients hold a screen buffer to allow scrolling back through the output
  • depending on the application you’re running, you could pipe it through “more” - e.g. “/bin/mycommand|more”. You then press ENTER to scroll down the output line by line
  • pipe the output to a file - e.g. “/bin/mycommand > /tmp/output.txt” After the command has executed, this file will hold the output. Open it with “nano /tmp/output.txt” or “vi /tmp/output.txt”. Both of these text editors allow you to scroll through the file contents

Hope this helps.

@cloutlaw --

As @andysh writes, you can't scroll in lish/glish. These two things are designed as a virtual replacement for the special /dev/console device.

As a historical artifact, the console has had a special function in Unix/Linux systems going all the way back to the first research editions of Unix. Typically, the console was a dumb, Teletype-style device with very limited capabilities. You could use it for logins in an emergency but it's function was typically relegated to output only. You can think of lish/glish to be web-based versions of these teletype devices.

The devices you used for everyday work (the /dev/tty* devices) were smart devices that were CRTs (DEC VT100s in the early days) that allowed for scrolling, command-line editing and command histories.

The drivers for the console and tty's reflect these differences as well…the console device driver is pretty stupid.

-- sw

You can use windows shell or command prompt to SSH into your linode server and it will give you full control of scrolling. Go to your linode server and copy and paste the command where it says SSH access (ssh root@ then enter your password and enjoy !!!

It is actually possible to scroll with the LISH Console.
To enable scrolling, press the following keys:

This should now give you the ability to scroll with both the mouse and arrow keys. We also have a section about this in our guide about using the LISH console.

Also, the keyboard shortcut is for screen so…

make sure your console is running screen

root@localhost: screen

should be good to go


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