bandwidth monitoring (4 algorithms) alerting and graphing

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This script monitors your bandwidth usage 4 ways: * local: total monthly bandwidth usage estimate based on data from /proc/net/dev over the last three hours

  • month: total monthly bandwidth usage estimate based on linode xml over the current month

  • period: total monthly bandwidth usage estimate based on linode xml over the last three hours

  • used: actual total bandwidth used this month, from linode xml If any of these goes over a threshold (percentage of your quota) specified by you, it emails you. All calculated rates are logged as gigabytes per month.

The url lists three files: - perl script, you need to edit three variables at the top.

linodebw.png - example output from my linode

linodebw.gnuplot - config file to graph the data with gnuplot, you'll need to edit the output and log paths.

I would appreciate feedback.

Original Linode XML announcement:


Google searching turned up a previously created script by the same name, but since it appears to have vanished I re-used the name.

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Alternatively, look up vnstat. It binds to a specified eth interface and monitors all I/O traffic. Statistics can be displayed with a PHP script that someone wrote. See, for example,


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