How do i log in my console

So I'm new to this whole thing. I am trying to log in console and everything and its telling me to write my login and password. However, nothing works. I cannot connect to my server either. Please help me. I have tried using the beginner guide but I don't get it.

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Is the the login to my account or is there something im missing here?

If you’re trying to SSH into your server. I would look at this guide

If you’re on a Windows computer, the easiest way to SSH into a server would be putty. It’s mentioned in the guide.

If you have any other questions or issues, feel free to report back.

It sounds like you are attempting to connect to your Linode via Lish. The password that you are being prompted for would have been created during the initial steps of your Linodes creation. Resetting your root password would be a good first step take. Also, it's helpful for you to include details like any output or error messaging that you receive while attempting to connect to your Linode. For example, if you were attempting to connect to your via SSH then you could use the -v option for verbose output and, if you still require help, paste it here.

It confuses me. Because I do have the password. However, What do I put in the login in this case? @cmcfarland do I put my username or do I put server Ip. It confuses me.


The password you entered when you deployed the Linode is the “root” or super-user account.

So the login (username) would be “root”.

@first2fight2 When Lish prompts you with login:, you'll want to enter either the username you set for your limited user during the initial configuration of your Linode or root as the username. Hit return once you enter the username and from there you should be prompted for the password for that user. Enter that password and hit return again.

@cmcfarland Sorry i'm quite stupid. Where can i find the username for the limited user. Is that just first2fight2? I'm not sure where to find anything of those haha.

@first2fight2 If you don't know what the name is for your limited user, or if you didn't configure a limited user, then you will want to use root as the user. We wouldn't be able to point you to what your limited user is since you would have been the one to create it and you currently cannot access the Linode. Once you're logged in as root then you can list all user accounts that you've created with:

getent passwd {1000..60000}

Not every user account on your system is intended for normal user access and some of the user accounts that you will see in the output will be for programs that are installed on your Linode. Any user account that you've manually created should contain a UID (user identifier) between 1000 and 60000. You can read more in this article that details how to list users.

How would do I do return like on this video? its not letting me do what he does it just lets me type in front login only. i type Root password but nothing happened

You don’t see the password as you type.

So just type “root” when you see the “login:” prompt, press enter/return, then type your password when you see the “password:” prompt.

If you make a mistake typing in your password, just press enter/return, and after a couple of seconds you’ll see “login:” again, and you can start over.

Okay I logged in. However, the CSGO server i created. I connected with ip and pass… However, it says bad password. The password is correct as I used even noted it down…. i'm confused.


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