DNS working fine this morning, generic "Error" this afternoon

I starting seeing "temporary failure in domain resolution" errors when trying to reach my domain this afternoon. I haven't touched the DNS settings in ages, I should note. When I logged in to linode to investigate, I discovered that under the Domains menu, the status is listed as "[red dot] Error". When I use the Enable button, it changes to "[green dot] Active", but reverts shortly thereafter (and never becomes active from the perspective of someone trying to reach the site). The Domains menu doesn't seem to provide any further detail on what this error is that suddenly exists this afternoon; I also checked with the registrar, and it's still correctly set to use Linode's DNS. How do I even begin to get to the bottom of this? Any insight is appreciated.

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Hi @escondida

Have you recently deleted the last Linode from your account? DNS hosting is only included for customers with at least one active Linode.

Failing that have you reached out to the support team? If your domain looks correct in your manager, you have an active Linode, but it’s still failing to show as active in your manager, there’s not much we on the community can do for you here.

Fair enough. Definitely haven't deleted any Linodes; I literally only logged in to Linode at all to track down this error. I filed a support ticket before coming to the forums. In coming here, I was hoping someone a bit more knowledgeable than I am about the Web interface might know the secret of where the actual error is hiding so I could work from there. Thanks anyway!


Fair enough, I’m afraid there’s not much else we can do if it’s showing an error in the manager. You’ve followed the steps I would have taken.

If you have a support ticket number, you can give the support team a call. Even if you’re international, I’ve been told you can just give them the ticket number and they’ll keep the call short.


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