How to install Longview when using LiteSpeed / OpenLightSpeed

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I tried installing Longview on both my Linodes, though I was unsuccessful. I went through all the debug files and followed all the written instruction but failed.

Every time Longview says my Linode is running on Apache but in fact it's litespeed:

Longview has detected Apache running on this server but was unable to access the server status page. Would you like to attempt to automatically configure mod_status? This will require reloading Apache to enable.

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I tried replicating this while using OpenLiteSpeed, and I ran into the same issue. Once I got to the "Longview has detected Apache running on this server…" screen, I tried selecting "No", but then the installation simply hung up.

Digging further into this, it looks like the recommendation when using Litespeed is to install Longview manually:

I went through this process myself (after uninstalling Longview on my existing Linode), and the graphs started generating data after a few minutes. The "Top Processes" section also showed litespeed, rather than Apache.

I've passed this on to our dev team to review further so that we can analyze whether our Longview installation can be tweaked to support litespeed. No ETA on this, though.

@jcardillo any word on OpenLiteSpeed support? I installed CyberPanel through the marketplace and was a bit dismayed when trying to install Longview.

I will try the manual installation route next. To be clear, there will not be any data tracked for the web server?


Just use Apache, much more stable software and Longview works fine. Nobody should be using OpenLitespeed unless you are playing around for fun, that software is definitely not ready for production.

Lots of bugs and crashing… just saying.


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