Different Size And Amount Of Private IPv6 Traffic Between Data-centers

Hello, I have 2 servers which one of them is at London and the other one at Dallas.
I have noticed that the average IPv6 Private inbound traffic (I ran tcpdump and nearly all of them are router advertisement or neighbor solicitation) of London server is higher than Dallas server (nearly 5 times higher, 135 b/s vs 500 b/s) even though, for the duration of tcpdump the Dallas Server received 400~ more packages than London server.
I known that this is not that important security-wise but It's been bothering me for a while.

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Hi there — We reached out to our Systems Administrators to have them investigate this, however they weren't able to observe any differences between the hosts that would explain a difference in traffic. For context, we were able to locate your account based on your username and were able to specifically look at the hosts that your Linodes resided on at the time you asked this question. It's also worth nothing that the amount of multicast traffic you are seeing is fairly minimal overall and that it's possible that the traffic you are observing can be attributed to the behavior of other Linodes on the host.


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