test/dev api for development without effect

I would like to develop a script / service that interacts with the linode API and among other things creates linodes.

I would like to avoid running up cost during development and testing, and was wondering if there was a dev or test version of the API available that mirrored the "real" API in behavior, but without real effects like creating a linode and running up the bill for that.

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This is a really cool idea. What you're referring to would be something akin to a dev environment. We don't have any customer-facing environments like this, so your best bet during testing will be to keep your deployments limited to small servers (think Nanodes instead of High Memory servers) and then delete things quickly so that you're only charged for the time they're active. Our billing guide has more details, but you'll be charged for any services until they are completely removed (not just shut down).

In the meantime, I've passed this along as a feature request. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, here's the documentation on our API:

Linode API

GitHub: Linode API Docs

Thanks a lot for your answer, and for passing it on as a feature request : )


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