Dreadfully slow upload?

I am uploading a file to my nano node, and I am seeing dreadful bandwidth.

It uploads with 140KB/sec.

My Internet speed is a lot more than that.
I tested my upload speed which came back as 6.4Mbps, so 700KB/sec should easily be doable?

What is going on?

What BW should I expect for a nano node?
The CPU is idle, btw.

It is running in Fremont, CA. I am in Vancouver, BC.

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Network throughput speeds can be affected by a ton of factors, including network conditions at the time of the upload. Your best bet will be to compare your actual upload/download speeds with a speed test here and run some MTR reports to and from the source you're connecting to.

If you're not familiar, MTR reports will show you the network route being taken between two points, as well as any network issues along the way (i.e. packet loss, latency). For reference, the below links have tips on installing, using, and deciphering MTR reports:

How can I diagnose a network connectivity issue?

Diagnosing Network Issues with MTR

In terms of what to expect, the maximum throughput for a Nanode is listed on our pricing page: 40 Gbps in, 1000 Mbps out. However, this is entirely dependent on network conditions, ISP reliability/outages, number of shared connections, connection type, processes running on your local machine + the remote machine, RAM allocation, etc.

Sorry for the late reply, I did the speed test from the link:

8.56Mbps upload

..which is faster than the 140KB/s that I observed back then.

I also did the MTR report:

# mtr -rw stolk.org
Start: 2021-08-07T15:05:49-0700
HOST: Workstation                                  Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|-- _gateway                                      0.0%    10    1.4   1.4   1.4   1.5   0.0
  2.|--                                   0.0%    10   11.6  16.5   8.9  29.7   6.8
  3.|-- rc1bb-be168-1.vc.shawcable.net                0.0%    10   13.0  12.9  10.2  16.4   2.0
  4.|-- rc1st-be25.vc.shawcable.net                   0.0%    10   37.4  21.9  10.0  40.9  11.5
  5.|-- xe-1-3-0-701-agg01-van2.teksavvy.com          0.0%    10   10.6  17.8   9.5  35.6   9.2
  6.|-- sea-b2-link.ip.twelve99.net                   0.0%    10   23.5  20.4  13.1  33.8   6.2
  7.|-- sjo-b23-link.ip.twelve99.net                  0.0%    10   34.5  42.2  34.5  51.8   6.7
  8.|-- linode-ic342731-sjo-b21.ip.twelve99-cust.net  0.0%    10   49.1  44.0  34.0  64.2  10.5
  9.|-- if-2-4.csw6-fnc1.linode.com                  10.0%    10   40.5  39.0  34.9  51.0   5.3
 10.|-- li1199-67.members.linode.com                  0.0%    10   35.1  37.9  35.0  49.1   4.4

NOTE: There is only packloss at linode internally, not my side.

UPDATE: I should note, that today, I observe normal upload speeds. So the issue of 2 months ago, seems to have resolved itself.


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