How do you prepared on Cyber Attack at our host on Linode?

Hi all,

It looks like ransomware attack start to be very common, this is something we need to be prepared for this?

What if we have a ransomware attack at our hosting on Linode?

Thank you for your answer.


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Hi Hendrayana — this is a good question to be thinking about. The best way to avoid being exposed to ransomware is to be hypervigilant:

  • Keep operating systems, software, and applications current and up to date.

  • Make sure anti-virus and anti-malware solutions are set to automatically update and run regular scans.

  • Back up data regularly and double-check that those backups were completed. Restoration of your files from a backup is the fastest way to regain access to your data.

You might also find this section of the CISA website helpful. There are multiple guides but the Ransomware Guide has two sections titled Ransomware Prevention Best Practices and Ransomware Response Checklist, this might be a good place for you to start. I'll also link our Security, Upgrades & Backups section of our Docs site. There you can find guides on security maintenance, vulnerability detection and much more. I hope this information is helpful; I've also added some additional tags to your post here to hopefully open this question up to other members of the Community.


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