Alternatives to NameCheap that are actually good?

NameCheap is the worst thing I have ever come upon on.
I actually don't know why they're still getting suggested here at Linode.

I bought 3 things, a Domain, a Private Email, and another Private Email, then 2 days later I get a email saying, "Unfortunately, your NameCheap account was flagged by our fraud screening system as requiring verification and was locked.", that doesn't make sense, because I obviously got charges on my card for what I bought.

I need to move on anyway, because setting up my Private Email there was absolute hell, their Domain Hosting was okay though, it wasn't that hard, and it was cheap.

(Sorry for the rant, I am very angry, and I just want something better than NameCheap, that also is low price.)

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I switch to a few years ago, and I've had success with it. I've never used their email services, I just do domain hosting with Linode's name servers. Perhaps that will be helpful to you.

I've been using NameSilo for some years, however only their domain registration service.

It’s a shame you’ve had the experience you’ve had with Namecheap.

I have around 15 domains with them and a web hosting package too. There have been moments where support hasn’t been great, but in recent months this has changed.

I can say that about pretty much every company I’ve dealt with - including Linode.

I like Porkbun.

Edit: I moved away from inmotion hosting’s third party domain name service which was terrible.


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