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Hi Folks

Please can you advise me on installing an SSL certificate on the Linode server.

My domain was bought via a company in India, namely Hostinger and the A record is point to the server IP address on Linode.

I am not a developer, and my developer has had some issues even though he has read the various related articles on the Linode website.

I am building an e-commerce app and security is very important, our payment gateway provider also requires SSL to allow integration.

Best Regards,
Karlind Govender
Cape Town, South Africa

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Best Regards,
Karlind Govender
Cape Town, South Africa

I would use Let’s Encrypt for SSL. Depending on your server setup you could use certbot which makes it easier.

I contributed a Linode guide for using with Let’s Encrypt.

Check it out here:

I agree with both @LouWestin and @andysh in that the Let's Encrypt certificate authority is your best bet here. Both and Certbot make generating a Let's Encrypt TLS/SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS much easier than manually doing it yourself. Since our guide that @andysh contributed has already been linked, I wanted to also plug our Certbot guide:

Securing Web Traffic Using Certbot

There are quite a few guides posted here. Just choose the one that best correspond with your operating system and web server and we'll walk you through the process of getting a TLS/SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS for your website. Hope this helps!


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