Domain name resolves in UK but not in Sweden


Last night I moved my nameservers from godaddy to linode and something odd is going on. My webpage is up and the records have been made. I checked with nslookup and dig. Everything seems to be in place.

When I ping my domain name, i get

ping: cannot resolve Unknown host
but with my vpn in the uk it works. Using my browser with vpn connected is also fine but without I get
Check if there is a typo in

Anyone knows what could be the issue?

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Your DNS updates haven’t yet propagated to Sweden? Sometimes this process can take awhile (48 hours) & is subject to the policies of each TLD & DNS server operator.

— sw

You can use a tool like DNS Checker to see how propagation is going around the world. Without knowing the domain, it's hard for people to offer more specific assistance here. If it's not propagation, it could be other things, though it's hard to tell without knowing the domain in question to check this with the dig tool. Our troubleshooting DNS Records guide may be helpful, too.


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