Namecheap and WHM DNS Records

Hey guys

So, i have my domain at name cheap and right now its pointing to linodes nameservers and managed by linode records wise.

Which is fine, works great if i manually add an A record every time i make a new cPanel account.

But i want that to be automated, so i want WHM to manage the records/domain etc so that everything's automated when i make a new cPanel account.

How do i go about that

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Thanks bud, that is definitely helpful but the parts were i get stuck are with the nameservers

It says to pick a name server and IP

Were do i get an IP from?
Can i use Namecheaps name servers i dont know.
Do i use something like - and pick a local IP from linode somehow.

That's were i get stuck is choosing the right name servers so that WHM can manage DNS records over namecheap even though my domain is hosted with namecheap


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