Gmail Delays in email delivery

Hey community,

Has anyone else experienced a delay of email delivery to Gmail specifically and I'm talking about anywhere from 10 min all the way to 6 days. - here is an example of an email delivered after 6 hours.
The Linode servers we use have high IP reputation same with the domain reputation and the email is not spammy at all.

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I look at a fair share of deliverability issues that originate from our platform, and this is the first I've seen of this kind of issue.

Have you reached out or received a reply from GMail's Support about that issue? I'm curious to know what they have to say.

I agree based on your screenshot and info provided that this doesn't make sense. Perhaps they're delaying it based on the contents of the mail?

I would appreciate if you let us know if/when you hear back from GMail; I'm going to keep an eye on this post.

Hey Brian,
Their response was more of a canned response kinda like check your network connection etc and also check my browser which makes zero sense and I'm still waiting on them to follow up further.

There is nothing that I can see on our network side that might indicate why this delay might be happening.

Linode Staff

That is disappointing to hear. Out of curiosity - do you happen to know how long the mail was queued for delivery before it was sent to Gmail?

I ask because I saw some recent funkiness from a person sending to Gmail wherein their own local service took days to send the mail - this caused it to be treated in an unexpected way by Gmail.

hey Brian,
I will check but I don't think we add any delays on our system and the interesting thing is IPs that have lower reputation and even bad reputation tend to deliver a lot faster (almost instant) then these two IPs which have good reputation :) Super strange


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