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Object storage pricing?

Hi all,

I am planning to use object storage. I went through pricing for object storage just wanted to check if I enable object storage then I will be charged $5 per month and I can create as many buckets as I want unless storage is below 250GB and outbound transfer is 1TB I will not be charged anything extra is that correct? I can have any number of buckets (public/private) and will not be charged according to each bucket is that right?


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From https://www.linode.com/products/object-storage/
250 GB is $5 per month

  • 1 TB Outbound Transfer
  • Up to 50 Million Objects per Cluster
  • $.02 / GB Additional Storage
  • $.01 / GB Additional Outbound Transferred

@LouWestin There is no limit for creating buckets is that correct? I can have 3-4 buckets or may be more than that in $5 per month plan.

Hi @aditodkar -

Our Object Storage Product guide has an overview, which includes a 'Limits' section. This section provides the following information on the number of buckets you can deploy:

Number of buckets: You can have up to 1000 buckets in each cluster.

I hope this helps!


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