I can't access the beautiful at all

Someone help me because I'm waiting hours for support to solve my problem so far nothing.

my sites and those of my clients are down.

I can't access the host's control panel which uses the cwp control panel.

I can't access via ssh neither as a user nor as a root.

I can't change the linode password in the linode user panel.

I don't have access to all my clients' websites and I don't know what else to do.

I sent several messages to support however. without satisfactory response I only hired this company because the site says it has support. but so far i'm unaided i'm new with linode.

if anyone can help me I appreciate it.

I have not disabled root access.

think bad invaded.

not even on the linode panel I can change the root password.

  • when I try to access the hosting panel I get the following message below

Login Disabled, Password Not Set!

I never deviled login this is very strange, I'm desperate.

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I never disabled login this happened today without me messing with linode

Since this is an urgent issue, I would call support.

Keep in mind that Linode is an unmanaged hosting service so server support is going to be limited.

I can't call because I'm from Brazil I only speak Portuguese I'm using the translator. but their support could at least get the root user working again. not even that works does not accept or change the password in the root inside the linode panel itself.

I'm losing more than 25 sites per said account. I think the company would rather lose the customer than help regret

@rodstec As I said before, Linode is an non-managed hosting provider. What this means is, you have to know how to setup and maintain a Linux based server yourself.

Linode's support is very limited on what they can do.

As far as not being able to change the root password in your account, without knowing more details, I cannot help you. Sorry

I understand that I have to know how to configure linux myself but at least it has to work SSH with the root password. this is not happening.
and when I try to change the root does not accept. unfortunate!

Thanks for everything after a day and a night of frustration I'm going to sleep

  • Can you log into linode.com with your account password? This is usually (and should be) different from the password for your server.

  • What message do you get when you try to log into your server from your terminal program on your home computer via SSH?

ssh 111.222.333.444

  • What happens when you ping one of your sites:

ping -c5 yoursite.com

  • What happens when you ping the IP of your server:

ping -c5 111.222.333.444

Try to find someone who speaks English and Portuguese and have a 3-way conference call with Linode support.


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