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Your advertising says:

Block storage volumes are configured with 3x data replication. This replication, ensures that your data is highly-available.

Is this still true if the format of the volume is not ext4?

I'm standing up a FreeBSD Linode (yes, Virginia, you can do that…) and I'm using an a block storage volume for extra stuff (ports, kernel source, etc) that's not used very often. I also have a 2-party raidz volume (courtesy of ZFS) that holds the backups I won't have anymore.

Is the data replication your advertising mentions bit-wise or is it some sort of file-system-specific copy? If it's the latter, you should change your advertising since raw volumes will not be replicated.

Inquiring minds want to know…

-- sw

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Is this still true if the format of the volume is not ext4?

It won't matter how the volume is formatted. Redundancy is built in at the pool-level, under which all of the volumes live. We use Ceph's default redundancy method "replicated" and the default number of replicas which is 3. The graph in the Smart Daemons Enable Hyperscale section of this Ceph doc illustrates this replication.


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