How do I setup servers to test my Ansible configuration?

I'm new to Linode, Linux, and Ansible. I want to setup a few linux servers on Linode so that I can learn how to define and test my local Ansible configuration. My Ansible control node is a laptop running Ubuntu 20.04. I’m thinking that I want a handfull of Linode server IP addresses to act as remote hosts that Ansible can configure and control. How would I go about setting the servers up in Linode?

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I know next to nothing about Ansible, but I understand it can be used to deploy new Linodes from your configuration.

There looks to be a guide on the very subject here.

You wouldn’t need any Linode IPs in order to deploy Linodes from Ansible - it’s the other way round. Ansible will connect to Linode’s API and deploy your Linode(s). As part of the deployment process, the Linode platform will allocate an IP to each one.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @andysh! That 'Getting Started' guide is exactly what I need. Now all I have to do is scour Ansible's copious docs to eventually figure out what goes where in an Ansible Playbook.


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