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Help with DNS records

Hello all,

I have my domain (mydomain.abc) added and managed by the linode manager.
I have a linode webserver ( and my mail server ( is hosted with another provider.

My DNS records look like so:

Can somebody please help me out and let me know if you see where I may have messed up? I am pretty sure some of my records aren't set up correctly as I fail the MXLookup online check..

I am no expert with DNS records but I need to get my mail server up.. Will greatly appreciate some help here.

Many Thanks!!

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Ok, so at the moment, “96-fromsofia.net” does not have an MX record - but “mail.96-fromsofia.net” does.

If your email addresses are [email protected], then this looks correct. However if you want [email protected], you will need to drop the “mail” subdomain - but leave the “mail server” as “mail.96-fromsofia.net”.

The reason for DMARC failing is your DMARC record for “mail.96-fromsofia.net” has to be “_dmarc.mail.96-fromsofia.net” - i.e. the record should be prefixed “_dmarc.” followed by the domain it is protecting.

You might want to use GitHub Gist or some other text pasting service, as its a little difficult to parse your DNS records. That said, you look like you have an MX record that's pointing to an IP address. That is not valid.

An MX record MUST point to an A or AAAA record and MUST NOT point to a CNAME record.

Hi Cyveris,
I've now edited my post as well as the MX record. These now look like this:
Do you think my setup is missing something else than the MX record?
Thanks for your help!

This one might be a shot in the dark, but I BELIEVE that the control panel for DNS entries at Linode expects for the hostname portion of the A/AAAA records to be ONLY the hostname, not the fully-qualified name. Unless the record is for the base domain itself, trim off the domain name.

You may be inadvertently creating an A record for "mail.mydomain.abc.mydomain.abc". Try shortening the hostname portion of that A record to just "mail".

Hi @karlito96

It would really help if you give us your actual domain name.

That way we can look at the DNS records from an external perspective - how other parties will see them - and we can advise you accordingly.

DNS records are public information anyway; there is no need to obfuscate them here.

Hi @andysh,

Sure, here are my actual DNS records for the domain in question (96-fromsofia.net) --> https://pastebin.com/jU2zGzDy

Bare in mind these include a few more A/AAA records that we shan't focus on now.

Additionally since my first post, by editing my MX entry I have now resolved the 'No DNS Record' error I used to see in the mxlookup.

However I still can't seem to get rid of the 'No DMARC error' given.. Any advice?


Hi @andysh,

Thanks for the update and apologies for the delay. I ended up updating my spf and dmarc records as such:

v=spf1 a:mail.96-fromsofia.net ?all
_dmarc v=DMARC1; p=reject; Default

I also edited my MX record to point to 96-fromsofia.net actually as that does look better.

Now everything passes the mx lookup with green checks.



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