How to transfer the promo $100 to credit card

I have the money on my account s page under promotion s but I can do nothing with it.

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The promotional credit only applies to your Linode account and can be used to test out our products and services. It is not transferrable, therefore it's not possible to send this money to your credit card.

Thanks for answering it. I also want to know how to transfer the promo of $100 to my credit card. I was searching for it for so long and I am glad I have found my answer over here. When I was searching for it online, I also found a website on which I can view money offers. I am thinking about buying a new car and for that I want to take a loan.

Promotion $100 on purchases using the credit card. For a period of 3 months, customers can transfer the $100 to their credit card account. This deal is only valid with the card holder's first use of this particular credit card and is not applicable for any other cards used by the customer and also do visit site for quality economic assignment help there. Thank you!


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