How to upload image to linode object server using php

I had below code but doesn't find proper sdk

$apikey = '';
$accesskey = '';

$los = new \Linode\ObjectStorage(

$response = $los->put(
$object_path = '1download.jpg',
$cluster = 'ap-south-1',
$bucket = 'qlapp'


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Did you install whatever toolkit you’re using in your project with composer? Did you require it in your code properly?

These things just don’t happen by magic because your program happens to be running on a Linode…

AFAIK, there are no supported PHP toolkits for any Linode product. The only supported one is the linode-cli thing that’s written in Python. Someone else will have to check me on that…my only experiences with the Linode API have been with the shell and curl(1).

If that’s the case, you need to contact the toolkit developer about your problem.

— sw

Can you share example of uploading image via curl?

@qlapp --

I couldn't tell you… My experience with the Linode API and curl(1) involved a monthly update of DNS TXT records containing a DKIM public key.

-- sw


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