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Hi. I am new to VPS and cloud hosting. I got a domain from Namecheap and I did not host it. I got a Nanode from Linode and I intend to use it to host my domain as a private server. I used as my nameservers in my domain and i got stuck. I'm not sure I edited my A records properly or maybe, I'm not using the right IP of my Nanode. My domain does not show anything for now. Please help

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To serve a website at your domain, you'll want to make sure that you have an A record pointing to your Linode's IP address, which can be found in the Networking tab for your Linode in Cloud Manager. If you have the A record correctly configured in either Linode's DNS Manager or Namecheap's DNS records management system, there may be another issue that's preventing your website from appearing when you visit your domain. For example, your web server may not be running on your Linode or your website's content may be in a different directory than your web server expects. The troubleshooting process will depend on what behavior you're seeing when you visit your domain. If you're getting a specific error message, please feel free to post it here so that the Linode Community can try to help further!


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