Not sure why this have never been addressed.

A list of domains is great…..but if you have many domains on many different linodes, it would be extremely helpful if the linode name or ip address could have a separate column. There certainly is room for it. Having to click on each one is a major PITA.

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If you’re talking about the domain list page, the issue I can see with this suggestion is that a domain can have many different DNS records, potentially all pointing to different IPs - and those IPs may not even be Linodes.

So which IP do you display next to the domain name, if it’s got several different records?

Thats all true….but for 90% of the users, there is most likely only one IP associated with any given domain. Where there is a will, there is a way. You could have 2 different dns panels and a default for any given account. DNS page really needs a facelift. Its really not useful the way it is right now. And the thing that I really hate about it is when I am done editing a dns record I can't go back to the previous page. It only goes back to page one, which means you have to start clicking next, next, next to get to the page where you were previously.

The DNS page design looks like it was designed by a college kid. Not much though went into it.


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