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Show of hands of folks using linode to run your small business needs. I'm curious how one has used the different linode plans for various services: email, ftp, web server for company website, web apps with db, etc. Did you put each service on it's own linode plan, or everything on one large linode?

If you could be so kind to give a brief description of what you did, size and traffic for your services, linode plan chosen, etc. This would help me think about what I would need for my needs. Anomynous descriptions is totally cool. Thanks in advance.


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The basic plan (256) will easily handle plain email+RBL lookups, ftp, web server, etc. all by itself.

As for webapps+db, email virus scanning, etc. – it depends on how much traffic / CPU activity you expect from the apps and your clients.

You could always start with a Linode-256 and upgrade resources or plans when necessary. And upgrades are quite painless -- they often just involved a reboot or a migration to a nearby machine.


It's taken a large chunk of my time to manage my linode for my "small business" (actually, right now, tiny business), which is annoying. I hope i can hire a sysadmin one day. How many people use your website, email, and how important uptime and reliability is for you, determines the setup.

multiple linodes had advantages, if you can justify this. then it's very easy to upgrade each machine seperately, secure better, and "fake" an entire rack in a datacenter. as you require more and more resources you can transition fairly seamlessly to dedicated.

fwiw, though, i run web (for several domains), email (for multiple domains), source control, various servers on one linode. just make sure you design everything right and then you shoudl be able to grow with your users.


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