Encountering errors when trying to swap domain

I'm hosting Apache on a Debian Server. I decided to change the domain for my server, but in trying to change the domain I somehow took down the sites on both domains. I am able to access it on the IP address, but when I try to go to the new domain I get "This site can’t provide a secure connection EXAMPLE.COM sent an invalid response.

I'm a newbie to Apache and this is a test server, so worst comes to worst I just uninstall and reinstall Apache.

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That error code likely means that your website is trying to work over https using port 443, but something is wrong with the configuration. The solution is probably going to involve configuring or installing an SSL Certificate on your site.

I recommend using our Securing Web Traffic Using Certbot with Apache on Debian guide, which will help you with that process.

You said you recently switched domains. If you happened to change the domain to a .dev site, then the issue could be caused by that domain. This article discusses it in more detail, but basically, you won't be able to access the site via Chrome or Firefox until you successfully install an SSL certificate using the instructions above.

You may also want to use the DNS Set-Up Checklist to make sure you didn't miss anything in setting up the DNS record.

If none of this helps, you can open a ticket to connect with customer support, but this does sound like something you'd need to fix on your end.


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