Reset SSL certs on apache/Deb10

Colleague was trying to arrange Let's Encrypt from Wordpress backend, asked me to tackle via SSH. Following a tutorial, I asked for new cert but certbot seemed to have added it to an existing one & site still wouldn't load HTTPS. So I deleted the cert and started afresh. Now error message says "file '/etc/letsencrypt/live/' does not exist or is empty\n"

Would rather not reinstall apache as site backups are with someone else.

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About the site not loading HTTPS, did you select the option in certbot to redirect or force HTTPS?

It’ll create the configuration automatically so that the site loads HTTPS.

Also just throwing this out too as another possibility. Your browser’s cache might need to be cleared to see current changes done on the site. I’ve once had to go as far as clearing out my ISP dns cache because I couldn’t see changes I made on my end.


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