Not receiving email sent through PHP contact form.


Hoping someone here can help, I've got a contact forum on this website installed and working (in the sense that it produces a success message)

However, I don't receive the email? I have it configured to send to & . Kinldy help us to resolve this issue as we are lossing so many leads. Previously it was working on different server but when we migrated to Linode server we are facing this issue.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Regards,
Nest Info Technologies

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Linode blocks outbound email from Linodes by default. You can create a support request to have this block removed, or look into using a dedicated mail relay (Mailgun, et al.) for outbound mail.

Install this,

configure it to a mail server (perhaps Gmail, Zoho, or and your Contact Form 7 should work (again.)

No matter which (possibly external to Linode) mail server you use, it is a necessary condition that you ask Linode to open ports 25 (smtp), 465 (smtps) and 587 (submission) before you can proceed.

-- sw


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