Anyway to preserve node labels after recycling?

After I clicked "Recycle node" from the manager. Custom labels for that node are gone. Is there a way to prevent this?

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Hi there,

The reason the custom label is gone when you recycle the node is because recycling deletes the node. A Node's label doesn't persist when it is deleted. Essentially, recycling a node is similar to adding a new node to your pool. There isn't a way at this time to prevent this from occurring. After recycling nodes you will have to add the labels to the new nodes that are created.

A possible workaround would involve developing a microservice that can automatically label new nodes for you based on specifications that you make - (e.g. auto label based on linode plan type). From doing some researching, I came across a project on github that you might be able to adapt for these purposes.

Hope this helps get you pointed towards a solution for this.

As this is a current workaround. Will this feature be added in the future? Making it configurable would be nice to have.

Edit: The one you've suggested is insufficient for our current use. So I'm going to make one myself. Does the Node.metadata.uid preserve after recycling?


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