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Can I Install an ACS server for TR-069 in Linode's VMs?

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You can definitely try! I found this resource on Github with insight on using Docker to run openACS or GenieACS. Here's a guide from Linode on using Docker.

The Cisco website also has some resources on installing their ACS on VMware, which might be a good starting point as far as trying it with Linode.

While we don't offer support for VMware on our platform, you're at liberty to install it yourself as a raw disk -- here's a guide for uploading a custom image. It looks like you can also install VMware as an ISO following our Installing a Custom Distribution Guide based on suggestions linked in this other Community site post.

I'm interested to hear how it works out for you.

I managed to install genie ACS under ubuntu 18.04 and the server is running but I cannot access its GUI. Do your linodes support remote GUI access?

Are you using the right port number in the URLs you give to your browser? The doc at the Github site referenced above indicates that the GUI runs on an internal web server that does not listen on port 80.

-- sw

Yes I'm attempting to access on port 3000 per the GenieACS documentation. http://linode_public_IP:3000

I'm assuming you started the ACS gui process correctly… Is port 3000 open in your firewall?

Can you get to port 3000 on localhost using curl(1)?

-- sw

This is my ufw status:

Status: active

To Action From
-- ------ ----
3000/tcp ALLOW Anywhere
80/tcp ALLOW Anywhere
3000/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)
80/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)

I'm not familiar with curl(1), if you can share the command that would be greatly appreciated


You may have to install it first: apt install curl.

Basically, curl http://localhost:3000/blah/blah/blah from your Linode will do a GET from your gui process. It's a check to see if your gui process is even listening. You probably don't have a browser installed on localhost.

-- sw

I got it working now, apparently the script I used to install was using an old version of mimemagic. I had to remove Gemfile.lock and rebundle. Thanks a lot of the assistance! Cheers.


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