Error while trying to list objects in the bucket with 's3cmd ls' command.


The s3cmd does not seem to work very well with Linode S3 buckets.
I can put objects in our bucket and retrieve information about them with 's3cmd info', but listing files with 's3cmd ls' does not work; it just returns the 'ERROR: S3 error: 404 (NoSuchKey)'.

I wondered if anyone had this error and what is the Linodes proposed workaround.

I am following this guide on the Linode wiki:

Edit: The 's3cmd signurl' also does not seem to work correctly, the generated URL always gives 'SignatureDoesNotMatch' error.

s3cmd version 2.1.0

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I have just installed s3cmd on Ubuntu 20.04 - version 2.0.2 - and completed the following tests against a private bucket in eu-central-1.

All tests worked successfully.

  • s3cmd info s3://bucket-name
  • s3cmd ls s3://bucket-name
  • s3cmd ls s3://bucket-name/folder-name/
  • s3cmd signurl s3://bucket-name/folder-name/object-name.ext 1630179659
  • used the URL from the above signurl command to download the referenced private object

Note: 1630179659 was the unix epoch time for 5 minutes from now.

Do you have the correct endpoint for the relevant Linode cluster your bucket is stored in, in your .s3cfg config file?


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