Can't access ssh or ftp

I made a partition on my main disk, then rebooted the linode, now I can't access it through ssh or ftp or anything (yes, it's running).
And when I ping the ip address, it doesn't even respond.

Can anyone help? I have no access to anything now.

Also, is there any way to transfer files from my linode to my pc through lish?

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Also, is there any way to transfer files from my linode to my pc through lish?

Not that I know of…

Unlike some versions of BSD (NetBSD in particular), correct configuration of sshd(8) (ensuring successful logins using ssh(1)) is not a given on Linux when a system is cold-loaded. I would spend my time with lish getting sshd(8) configured correctly so that you can establish remote sessions using ssh from a cmd window on your pc.

ftp is never brought up by default these days because the ftp protocol is not secure…it always transmits files in the clear. Ditto for telnet

Once you have that done, you'll be able to use scp(1) to transfer files back and forth quite easily. Also, you'll be able to use sftp to establish secure ftp sessions. And, yes, @reecehunter, all of ssh, scp and sftp(1) exist on your pc. They're probably all in your PATH too…

As for not getting response to ICMP echo requests (aka ping), your (default) firewall is probably blocking the requests (as a security measure).

-- sw


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