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Does Linode charges my balances or promotional credits first?

Hello, I just started using Linode this week, it's been a great journey, the interface and everything is just amazing.

I have added my credits card, I also got my 100$ promotional offer after I signed up, it's natural that I want my nanode plan to charge from promotional offer first.

Here's the deal, I accidentally issued a 5$ payment from my credit card, now it appear on my account balance. I thought Make a payment button was for paying linode services, and then I can pick the promotional credit as payment source.

So what I want to ask is, which payment method does Linode prioritizes, is it $100 free credits or credit card? How do I make it charge on my promotional credit?

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Manual payments will charge your card, however if you allow it to automatically bill you, it will take your promotional credit first.

Keep in mind that the credit only lasts 60 days.

Yes, thanks for your answer. Indeeed it does take my promotional credit first.

Have a nice day!


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