Will linode S3 work as repository for Datadog archive?

Datadog can archive to S3, Azure, and Google drive. Is Linode S3 compatible bucket storage compatible to point Datadog to it for log archiving? Has anyone ever tried it?

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I may need to start a different thread, if so let me know. I am learning this forum etiquette. I still think this post is relevant to the subject.

Datadog has a GUI for setting up the archive process. It gives you a choice of S3, Azure, and Google drive.

If you pick S3 the flow starts with telling you to set up an S3 bucket and grant Datadog permission to it. In Linode, I have done that. Being I am new I am not going to say there are not any mistakes :-)

Let me add some context parenthetically.
We just deployed on Azure in early 2020 and I learned of Linode from Jupiter Broadcasting, Linux Unplug, Selfhosting, Linux news, etc. Long story but AWS is not an option with our owners. I wished I would have known about Linode before the commitment to Azure, but now we need to get the applications running stable before looking to other cloud solutions. But that day will come. With that in mind, I saw this as an opportunity to get some experience on the Linode infrastructure.

Then it has a dropdown box, "AWS Account" and there is nothing. I am trying to figure out what would be Linode's equivalent to AWS settings. Currently, we have a process running for the Azure bucket. That is done by finding Azure integration in Datadog and configuring it for all the connections. Then that AppID now appears in the dropdown when you select the Azure flow GUI. I am guessing there would need to be the same for Linode? I am reaching out to Datadog support to see if they can help.

That is why I agree with @cyveris, in theory, it should be possible, and that is why I am even probing the possibility. But there are details and that is why I was wondering if anyone has done it?

@penright I haven't personally worked with this setup. But I do agree that it appears our Object Storage should work with Datadog. That being said, this functionality may not be available on their UI. I'd be interested to see if Datadog Support is able to tell you how to do this on their UI or if there is a workaround to using Linode Object Storage.


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