Two upgrades, two different confirmation messages?

I have two linode servers each running Ubuntu 20.4.

I did the apt update/upgrade and from the Linode Control Panel (or whatever it is called) is did a reboot of each.

In email I got two different confirmations:

  • linode-1 (284404508) System Boot - My Ubuntu 20 - Completed Sat, 11 Sep 2021 16:17:00 GMT

    linode-2 (284404700) System Boot - My Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Disk Profile - Completed Sat, 11 Sep 2021 16:19:48 GMT

Why does linode-2 show the version of Ubuntu and says "Disk Profile" but linode-1 does NOT.

Linode-2 was an "original" Ubuntu 20 install while Linode-1 was a command-line upgrade from Ubuntu 18. Could that account for the different messages?


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Why does linode-2 show the version of Ubuntu and says "Disk Profile" but linode-1 does NOT.

I believe this is the "Label" in the configuration that's booted. Different label, different message.

-- sw

Yep… that is it! I should have thought of that.

As I understand it, the "label" in Settings is just what appears on the Linodes screen.

But is the "label" in Configuration? It allows you to change it, but what might get screwed up if I do change it???

Are these "labels" documented anywhere?

Thanks again. I'm not sure what many of us who are somewhat new to Linux administration would do without you here!!!!

The label is just that…a label. It's probably related to the API somehow…since you can manage configurations with the Linode API. Somehow it's easier for me to remember "My Linode" than Linode ID 123456789.


I don't think there's any downside to changing the label unless you have API scripts that depend on it (in which case, IMHO, that would be a pretty poorly-written script…since a contextual label probably doesn't have to be unique).

-- sw


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