New Linode shows "There was an error retrieving network information for this Linode" error on Network tab in Cloud Manager

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I created a new Linode and the Network tab has an error stating "There was an error retrieving network information for this Linode". Why is this happening?

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When you create a new Linode, it does take a bit of time to gather enough data about your Linode's networking traffic to create an output for Cloud Manager. During the time that information is being gathered, the Network Tab outputs the message you were receiving. Upon seeing this message, you can look to the Analytics tab which should state Graphs for this Linode are not yet available - check back later in place of its usual graphs. This will further confirm that there hasn't been enough analytical data gathered from the Linode at that time.

I was able to replicate this myself by creating a new Linode and checking the Network tab within the five minutes from when it had been created. I saw the same message during that time. When I checked back again after about 10 minutes, the Network Tab had stopped populating that message and instead had the Network Transfer History graph in its place. I want to mention that amount of time it takes the graph to populate can vary depending on multiple factors including which distribution you've chosen for your Linode, which data center the Linode is in, and any scripts which were used to deploy the Linode.

If you are still seeing this message after a considerable amount of time, it’s recommended that you attempt to clear your web browser cache, as this can sometimes cause an issue in loading resources. The method for completing this process varies between browsers, however it usually involves opening your browser's full history and finding an option to clear it. 

If the message is still populating after clearing the browser cache or you are noticing networking issues on your Linode beyond this message, feel free to contact Support by opening a ticket through Cloud Manager and explaining your networking issues. Linode Support is available 24/7.


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