Nameservers is unreachable


I would appreciate any answer and help regarding DNS, nameservers and port 53

At the moment I have my own DNS and namesrevers are pointed to my domain, also I have Linode with 10 sites on it.

I've bought two more IP addresses on Linode.
My nameservers are directed to the following addresses

The thing is that when I test DNS, it gets the result that the other two addresses are not available, while only the first one is available with the address

I also tried to open port 53, but hopelessly.

The thing is, if I install aaPanel, for example, it opens port 53, but my IP addresses are still unavailable.

I would appreciate any kind of help around this problem.

Thanks a lot!

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If you have a service like cPanel or aaPanel installed on your Linode but port 53 is "closed", it means that your services aren't actively listening on that port.

You'll want to check on the services mentioned to see if they're active or inactive:

# cPanel
systemctl status cpanel.service

# aaPanel
systemctl status bt.service

In terms of your IP addresses, it would help to know what you mean when you mention they're unavailable - are they unresponsive to pings? Do they not resolve to the nameservers? Any information regarding your experience and/or error messages you're seeing will help narrow down the issue.


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